PDQ Rescue Training

In collaboration with Sterling Rope, the PDQ Rescue System was developed to provide a lightweight self-rescue kit for use in tower, wind turbine or other work-at-height environments. Training is delivered in our purpose-built training centers in Reno, NV and Houston, TX

PDQ training courses can also be provided at alternate facilities, provided they meet the necessary safety requirements. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a custom course.

Our Team of certified PDQ Instructors bring years of experience working-at-height, versatility in teaching in a variety of settings, and a passion for safety and education.

W110 - PDQ Competent User Course - This course provides candidates thorough training in the use of the PDQ system for self-rescue as well as the rescue of an injured worker who is suspended by their fall-arrest equipment. Practiced scenarios include rescue of an injured worker who is suspended off the side of a vertical structure, suspended in a fixed ladder, or is incapacitated and needs to be moved through a confined area.

W210 - PDQ Instructor Course -A rigorous course designed to certify candidates as PDQ Instructors and to deliver the W110- PDQ Competent User Course. Effective teaching techniques along with safety and risk management procedures necessary for delivering group training will be covered.

W210 - PDQ Instructor Refresher Course - This refresher course is designed to re-certify current PDQ Instructors. In order to remain certified, Authorized Instructors must attend a refresher training one year from initial certification, and then every two years thereafter.

Please contact us if you have any questions or you would like to discuss your specific training needs.