W110 - PDQ Competent User Course

This course provides candidates thorough training in the use of the PDQ system for self-rescue as well as the rescue of an injured worker who is suspended by their fall-arrest equipment. Practiced scenarios include rescue of an injured worker who is suspended off the side of a vertical structure, suspended in a fixed ladder, or is incapacitated and needs to be moved through a confined area.

Course material is delivered through multi-media presentations, written material and an emphasis on hands-on training. All candidates must successfully complete a written test and skills evaluation. A certificate of completion will be issued upon completion of the training with an expiry of two years.

Learning Objectives:

· Understand general work-at-height safe practices

· Fall protection equipment use and inspection

· Mitigating harness-induced suspension trauma

· Proper anchoring methods

· Rescue and evacuation protocols

· Personal evacuation and partner evacuation techniques

· Load raising and transfer methods

· Fall recovery and rescue

· Ladder rescue

· Rescue in a confined area


The minimum age requirement is 18 years. No previous experience is necessary, however an appropriate physical and mental aptitude for technical tasks while working at height is important. Participants will be asked to perform moderate to strenuous activities. A physical examination by a doctor is strongly recommended. Candidates will be required to sign a Liability Release Form and a Statement of Medical Condition confirming the absence of known medical conditions that might preclude their ability to safely work at height.


Scheduling and Pricing
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