Re-Certifying and Upgrading

SPRAT certificates are valid for three years. Technicians shall plan to revalidate their certification prior to expiry.

We recommend scheduling for a course up to 6 months before your expiry. Successful re-certifications completed in the 6 month period prior to the expiry of a current certificate, will be valid with for 3 years from the date of expiry of the previous certificate. In the event you are unsuccessful in your certification, this allows the greatest opportunity for time to return without your certification lapsing.

Technicians seeking to upgrade their level of certification, shall ensure they meet the experience requirements. Refer to the SPRAT Certification Requirements for Rope Access Work for detailed guidance. A rope access logbook shall be used to record work experience and shall accompany the technician to the training session.

Additionally, when deciding to sign up for an upgrade course, technicians should consider their experience carefully. They should feel competent in both the practical and theory requirements of their current level of certification. Those who do not, may require refresher training prior to attending the upgrade course.

General SPRAT Upgrade Requirements
• Minimum of 500 hours and 6 months experience at current SPRAT level (documented in a SPRAT log book).
• In possession of a valid First Aid and CPR/AED certification (Level III upgrade ONLY).
• Complete a rope access training course from a competent trainer (recommended not required).
• Complete a level-specific written test.
• Complete a level-specific evaluation by an independant SPRAT Evaluator.

While SPRAT recommends attending training prior to upgrading, we require completing a full week of training prior to evaluating. Please see SPRAT Certification Requirements for Rope Access Work for detailed guidance.

Expired Certification
SPRAT candidates with expired certification are allowed to recertify or upgrade regardless of the length of expiry. For those that are upgrading, rope access hours acquired without a valid SPRAT certification will not be counted toward the minimum required hours for certification advancement.