Ropeworks PDQ Authorized Instructors

PDQ Authorized Instructors are individuals who are authorized by Ropeworks, to deliver safe, competent and effective PDQ Competent User training.  

Instructors are required to teach the Ropeworks curriculum and must follow all safety and quality requirements that are carefully structured to guide skill practice sessions. PDQ Authorized Instructors have limited permission to use Ropeworks course materials, presentations and teaching methods. To maintain their certification, PDQ Authorized Instructors must complete annual, or bi-annual refresher trainings depending on their length of certification.

Upon completion of PDQ Competent User training, instructors must submit all completed course materials to Ropeworks for review, quality assurance, and approval. Therefore, it is important to verify the instructor is current against Ropeworks’ requirements.

Listed below are the names of approved PDQ Authorized Instructors. Some instructors choose not to be listed, so if you do not see the name of your PDQ Instructor, please contact the Ropeworks Training Department to verify.

If you would like to leave feedback about your PDQ Instructor, please fill out this

PDQ Authorized Instructor Feedback Form. Please contact Ropeworks with any questions or concerns.